About this site 
“PIZZA FREESTYLE NET” is a free and open network for Pizza Freestylers in the whole world. We can communicate on the internet today. There are no borders. This site isn’t related to any companies, teams, groups, and associations. So everyone can advertise your activity. We wish Pizza Freestylers of the world becomes as one.

 What is Pizza Freestyle? 
Pizza Freestyle (it is also called “Pizza Tossing,” “Pizza Spinning,” “Pizza Acrobat,” and “Pizza Acrobatica”) is a new performing art. Originally it was one of the skills of pizza makers. But now, not only pizza makers but also those who aren’t pizza makers can enjoy Pizza Freestyle by the appearance of “rubber dough.” There are many styles of play and many conventions in the world.

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Let’s start Pizza Freestyle! The rubber doughs for Pizza Freestyle are available at PM Juggling.