How to Maintain the Pizza Rubbers?

The other day, I introduced how you should maintain pizza rubbers in my blog.
In this article, I want to try to translate my idea I wrote in it.

Pizza rubbers are very robust and hard to be torn, but, nevertheless, the day comes without fail when the rubbers are broken.
So you have to treat them in a correct way. Do you know the correct way to maintain the quality of the pizza rubbers?

I think the following 4 points are more important than anything.
1.Which rubber do you choose?
2.Cover the surface with flour or baby powder.
3.Keep your nails short!(very very important)
4.Where do you practice with the rubber?

1.Which rubber do you choose?
It’s very important which rubber you choose before you start to practice Pizza Freestyle.
In general, the thicker and heavier the rubbers are, the more strong they are. This is a very important principle.You should always keep it in your mind.

2.Cover the surface with flour or baby powder.
It’s a very easy and effective way to reduce the friction. If you succeed in reducing the friction covering the pizza rubbers with flours or baby powder, your rubbers’ life will get by far longer than that of ones whose surface aren’t covered by any powder. When you carry it out? It’s now, isn’t it?

3.Keep your nails short!
This way is as important as what I introduced in the previous chapter.
It’ll be ideal if you can cut the finger nails like the following photo. If you cut them like that, you can reduce the friction very much. Keep in mind that you should often cut them and keep them short.

4.Where do you practice with the rubber?
When you practice Pizza Freestyle, you’ll sometimes drop the rubbers. If you practice Pizza Freestyle on a surface of land made by concrete or on an asphalt road, your rubber will be torn soon because their surfaces are so rough that pizza rubbers are easily damaged.

So I recommend that you practice on the grass in a park, or in a gym whose floor is made of wood or something smooth. And if you practice Pizza Freestyle in a gym, keep in mind that you wipe the floor with a mop because some pizza rubbers make the floor very easy to slip.

These are the 4 points you should care about. Good luck, Pizza Freestylers!

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