Japanese Pizza Freestylers!

Japanese Pizza Freestylers gathered in the event “Jyurin One Park”!

Pizza Freestyler Japan

This was the first collaboration of us (Okada,Poruporu,Aoyagi,CAB,Masayan,Daigo)

Okada- Pizza maker at Tokyo. He use big dough and have great originality.
Poruporu- Pizza Freestyle Designer. His Freestyle is based to enjoy!
Aoyagi- He loves pizza, and started Pizza Freestyle at February 2013. He has good taste in all the things.
CAB- Juggler and Tap dancer. He was a champion of Japan Juggling Festival,Teams categories.
Masayan- Master of Spinning Plate. He mixed the Spinning plate performance with the Pizza Freestyle.
Daigo- Juggler and Maker of doughs for Pizza Freestyle.

Pizza Freestylers in the park

We had a really good time. But one more person……Oh!Oh! We are waiting for SOYx2’s return to Japan!

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