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I and SOYx2

I and my friend “SOYx2” started this site yesterday. Now, I want to write my thoughts here.

I met Pizza Freestyle in October 2008. When I watched this crazy performance on TV, I was very shocked. And soon, I imagined future of this performance. I had played “Juggling” for many years. So it was easy for me to imagine the future of this new performance. I started to study about Pizza Freestyle soon. And I started a website to make Pizza Freestyle known to Japanese.

After that, I have been a manager of the website and rubber shop for Pizza Freestyler for 4 years. I am not a Pizzaiolo. I am a mere Juggler. But many kindness from rubber makers of the world (ProDoughUSA, SpinningDough, Pizzahelp, RED-JAPAN) kept me a manager. I am thankful to these makers, my friends in Japan, and Pizza Freestylers of the world. I love Pizza Freestyle!

I think this new performing art should go next step. I felt frustration about the present state of Pizza Freestyle. There are conventions, license examinations, companies, groups, and associations. Of course these are important for growth of Pizza Freestyle, but are not most important thing now. I think this performance is still new-born, so the most important thing for Pizza Freestyle is “free and open communication” through the world. It contains the argument about tricks, performance styles, and futures of this performance.

So one of the steps that I thought is this site. We can communicate on the internet today. There are no borders. This site isn’t related to any companies, teams, groups, and associations. I wish Pizza Freestyler of the world becomes as one.

We need your cooperation.


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