Naoya Aoki- Meet Them in EJC2013

“EJC” is coming soon!
EJC is the abbreviation for “European Juggling Convention,” which is held at Toulouse in France this year.

Some Japanese jugglers come to EJC, and I, though I’m not a juggler but a Pizza Freestyler, participate in EJC, too.
Naoya made this video to introduce the Japanese participants(including me!) to the world.

What will become of Pizza Freestyle in the future? Will Pizza Freestyle remain a sport only for Pizza makers, or get easier for ordinary people to start to do? EJC will give me some hints to solve the problem, I think.
Not only street performers, but also ordinary people juggle something like balls, clubs(something like pins of bowling), diavolos(it’s the Chinese spinning top), etc., and I’d like Pizza Freestyle to be like juggling of today.

Well, it’s enough for me to enjoy EJC as a Pizza Freestyler!
I’m really looking forward to going to Toulouse!

For more information about EJC2013 in Toulouse…

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