PIZZA FREESTYLE NET- Pizza Freestyle@EJC2013

Daigo and I(SOYx2), the founders of this web site, went to EJC2013(European Juggling Convention) in Toulouse(France)!
We stayed there from July 27 to August 3 and we did a workshop on Pizza Freestyle on August 2!
So many jugglers gathered for our workshop(more than 10 people! This number is very very miraculous because Pizza Freestyle is still unknown performing art!).
We taught some basic tricks like the pizza toss, the finger spinning and the whip.

One thing that surprised us at EJC was that so many jugglers got interested in Pizza Freestyle. I was very glad to communicate with them with my favorite prop(Pizza!).
Also I met very Pizza Freestyle- like juggling- DapoStar. DapoStar is a kind of juggling which you do with a very colorful squared cloth and which is mainly done in Spain.
According to DapoStar’s players, there are more than 5000 people who do the juggling.
In this video, I introduced DapoStar. DapoStar’s moves are very similar to Pizza Freestyle’s ones, but a bit different. It’s very interesting.

In this event, we learned very instructive things and were stimulated by the awesome jugglers.
Thank you for EJC and the jugglers!

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