PIZZAFREESTYLENET- Pizza Freestyler Meets Pizzaiolo acrobatico- Paolino Bucca

PIZZA FREESTYLE NET made the 2nd collaboration video with ECOLE NIÇOISE DE PIZZAIOLO!

Mr. Paolino Bucca and I(SOYx2) did Pizza Freestyle at Nice on 1 December.
It was for the first time for me to spin real pizza dough and perform with it.

Please enjoy Paolino Bucca’s excellent skills!
In this video, he spins 1,2, and 3 pizza and 1 large dough with some holes.
I was really surprised at his innovative ideas about Pizza Freestyle.
I think he’s one of the greatest Pizza Freestylers(Pizzaiolo acrobatico, in Italian) in the world!

Thank you very much for having collaborated with me, Paolino!
Grazie mille per aver collaborato con me, Paolino!CIMG4270


p.s. Thanks to your help, our collaboration video was watched over than 100 times and more than 20 people pushed the “Like!” botton for us on facebook! We’d be really glad if you continue to see our posts.

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