PIZZAFREESTYLENET- Pizza Freestylers at Campionato mondiale della pizza 2013

I went to Parma to see Campionato mondiale della pizza 2013(=World Pizza Show 2013) on April 15, 16, 17.
More than 500 pizza makers in total gathered at the championship.

During the championship, Pizza Freestylers showed their performances by the secretary office.
All the Pizza Freestylers were really fantastic, and I succeeded in collaborating with 3 Pizza Freestylers:Dan Leicu, Wilhelm Rodriguez, and Renato Polignone!
Dan is the world champion 2012 at Parma, and Wilhelm is a member of US Pizza Team, and Renato is one of the greatest Pizza Freestylers in Germany.

Personally, Dan’s some tricks using his legs, Wilhelm’s 3 pizza trick, and Ranato’s 2 pizza tricks are my favorites.
All the 3 Pizza Freestylers have each color. Who’s your favorite Pizza Freestyler? I like all of them!

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