PIZZAFREESTYLENET- Pizza Freestylers Transcend Boundaries- Xarbito and SOYx2

Our new collaboration video!
I collaborated with Xarbito, the champion of 1er Campeonato de España!

This video has 2 main themes: be creative and have fun!
I(SOYx2) participated in this movie to spread my ideas and share them with you. I really enjoyed thinking new ideas.
Xarbito showed me so many tricks I haven’t watched with my eyes. His moves are really acrobatic and dynamic!
Xarbito is particularly good at multiplex(=to thow more than 2 objects in one hand) and pirouette(=to spin your body like dancers do).

In my case, I like to spin pizza dough with a finger and to toss more than 2 pizza.
My style and his one is totally different. I think you can enjoy this contrast.

In this video, you can watch many tricks of his and mine;
Xarbito’s tricks…
0:18~0:32(introduction part)
2 Pizza Freestyle
2 Pizza Freestyle
2 pizza multiplex “*body throw” with an acrobatic move(*”body throw” means throwing some object using your body)
2 pizza multiplex and body throw
3 pizza tricks with a leg
2 Pizza Freestyle
2 pizza across the shoulder (from the same direction)
3 Pizza Freestyle(multiplex and body throw)
3 pizza toss(full face pattern. I think it’s beautiful because you can see the “face” of pizza dough literally.)
2 pizza under the leg and pizza crossing in the air

SOYx2’s tricks…
0:32~0:51(introduction part)
2 pizza toss(I call it “2 Pizza Shower.” This name is originated from “Shower” pattern in juggling)
-1 pizza high toss and 1 pizza finger spinning
1 pizza manipulation with fingers
Both finger spinning
2 pizza tennis pattern(This name is originated from “Tennis” pattern in juggling)
and 2 pizza shower
3 pizza cascade(This name is originated from “Cascade” pattern in juggling. Basic pattern and full face pattern)
Both finger spinning bending the body (“Pizza Bauer” pattern. This name is originated from “Ina Bauer” in ice skating)
3 pizza shower (flat type. This trick is very difficult because you have to keep pizza spinning and pass it to the other hand.)

I want you to spread our collaboration video and register as our website.
If you participate in our site, the movement of Pizza Freestyle must get more interesting and exciting!
Thanks for watching and sharing our video!

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