-At Tirreno CT
I went to a food fair called “Tirreno CT” at Carrara(a town situated in the state of Toscana) on March 5.
In this festival, I saw a lot of food beautifully decorated by Italian cooks and visited booths of Italian food.


-The Championship finally started!

After having enjoyed delicious food, I went to an event of Pizza produced by Scuola nazionale italiana pizzaioli: 3° CAMPIONATO ITALIANO PIZZA(=The 3rd Championship of Italian Pizza).




This championship had 2 main sections like 1er Campeonato de España:
-Pizza classica(Classic Section)
-Pizza acrobatica(Pizza Freestyle Section)
I watched many pizza makers serve beautiful pizza to the judges. I strongly felt in the section of Pizza classica that all the pizza makers were really proud of their own profession; that’s to say, I felt their pride of “Pizzaiolo” (=pizza maker in English). I was just overwhelmed by their pizza made by hands of the Pizzaiolo.
This hot section lasted for 4 hours.

-Many Pizza Freestylers and Surprises
Then at 4 p.m., Pizza Freestyle section started. There were 9 participants(I also participated in the game!).
I was really surprised because Dan Leicu, world champion of pizza freestyle, was one of the judges and he started to perform pizza freestyle at interval! His move was really smooth and beautiful!

I was also moved to a kid who was doing pizza freestyle at the championship. his name is Vincenzo. He was really good at finger spinning. He won the first prize in the championship of pizza freestyle(kids’ division)!

and the other big surprise was that Giuseppe Lapolla participated in the championship. He’s really good at passing pizza through the shoulders and kicking it like Freestyle Football. He won the first prize in the championship of pizza freestyle!

Compared to the duration of the section of Pizza Classica, that of pizza freestyle is very short, but the game was exciting and beautiful like fireworks. In the championship, I felt “le passioni“(=passions) of the “pizzaiolo”s and pizza freestylers. Grazie mille!(=Thank you all very much!)


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