A lot of events of pizza are waiting for me in Italy!
I knew an event called “3° CAMPIONATO TOSCANO DI PIZZA CLASSICA(3rd Pizza Championship in Toscano, located at Pisa)” on facebook 5 days before it was held. The championship included “Pizza Freestyle,” so I decided to go there.

I arrived at Pisa at 11, and then the opening ceremony started.
The order of the competitions was like this:
1)Pizza classica(Classic division. competitors make pizza and four experts judge the looks and tastes.)
2)Pizza teglia(A way of making pizza. The experts judges competitors’ pizza.)
3)Pizza veloce(Fastest dough. A division to compete the time of extending pizza dough.)
4)Pizza grande(Largest dough. A division to compete the size of pizza dough.)
5)Pizza Freestyle(A division to compete the acrobatic performance with pizza.)

In this event, many “Pizzaiolo”s(=pizza makers) competed against one another.
What was very glad for me was to taste their pizza in “Pizza classica!”

And finally, Pizza Freestyle competition started.
It was for the first time to see the Pizza Freestyle competition by real dough, and I became acquainted with some pizzaiolos: Claudiu Toader and Hasan Kaya.
Claudiu is a Romanian Pizzaiolo. He’s famous as a semifinalist of “Romanian Got Talent”!

Hasan is also a great Pizzaiolo. He’s really good at moving pizza like a wave! This picture is his performance of Pizza grande.

They excited the audience by their acrobatic skills. They’re really cool!

And fortunately, thanks to Mr. Angelo Petrone, the organizer of this event, I had an opportunity to perform in public!

As a result, I enjoyed not only as an audience, but also as a player.
In this event, I knew how Pizzaiolos pursue the Pizza’s tastes, looks, and the performances.
Thank you so much for having organized the wonderful event, Angelo.
Thank you so much for having shown me your great skills, Pizzaiolos.

(Angelo and me)

For more information…
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・PizzArte Accademia facebook page

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