The Result of World Pizza Games

World Pizza Games are ones of the biggest international championships of Pizza.
This year it was held on from March 19 to 20.
I put on this page the result of World Pizza Games.

Individual Acrobatic: Masters Division

1st: Kazuya Akaogi 229 points

2nd: Justin Wadstein 219 points

3rd: Pat Miller 214 points

4th: Eric Ross 213.5 points

Individual Acrobatic: 1st Division

1st: Eric Ross 123.5 points
2nd: Nicolas Osborn 117 points
3rd: Yutaka Someya 112points

Fastest Dough
1st: Brittany Rowe 33.94* Record
2nd: Quentin Coleman 37.06
3rd: Brian Edler 39.03

Largest Dough
1st: Garrett Marlin 38.21875 avg
2nd: Spencer Glenn 36.25 avg
3rd: Brian Edler 35.21875 avg

Fastest Box Folding
1st: Barry White 23.88
2nd: Zolbayar Ganbold 24.25
3rd: Jamie Culliton 25.44

Pizza Triathlon
1st: David Whisker 1:03.53
2nd: Patt Miller 1:05.35
3rd: Randy Hueffmeier 1:12.12

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