Why did we found this site?

Hi, I’m SOYx2[soisoi]! I’m one of the two co-founders of “PIZZAFREESTYLE.NET”. I’ve spinned pizza rubbers for 2 years. I really love Pizza Freestyle, so I expect this website will share fresh information with you.

PIZZAFREESTYLE.NET isn’t related to any companies, groups, and associations. This is a big characteristic. You can post any information despite your status. You can see various information through this web site. And you can discuss Pizza Freestyle in this website. PIZZAFREESTYLE.NET is,literally, an open, and free network for Pizza Freestylers.

Pizza Freestyle is still developing, and a field that you can improve more and more from now. In order to make a progress on Pizza Freestyle, All I want is your passion! Now I’m going to share information about Pizza Freestyle. I’m very glad if you often refer to “PIZZAFREESTYLE.NET”!

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